The Midsummer Station


◆Type: Residential
◆Lot Size: 17 x 22
◆Expansion Packs : Island Paradise, University Life, Seasons, Supernatural, Showtime, Pets, Generations, Late Night, Ambitions
◆Stuff Packs: Town Life, Outdoor Living, Fast Lane, Master Suite, Diesel, High-End Loft
◆Store Objects: Tropi-Con FauxFrond, Tropical Fruit Bowl
(Sun, Surf & Sand (Swim + Sleep)) /
In Orbit Blinds, Window Slats (Mid-Century Fantasy) /
Zen Garden Lamp, Haiku of the Lotus (Itadakimasu! Japanese Inspired Dining) /
The Dramatic Palm, Ritzy Taste Coffee Table (Jazz Age Living Room) /
Flux Flora (Futureshock Kitchen) /
High-Reaching Window by BahHaus, BahHaus' Boxy Window,
La-Di-Da Windows by BahHaus, Intrinsic Windows by BahHaus,
BahHaus Stupendous Door, Concrete Boarder Window,
BahHaus Archy Arch (BahHaus) /
Murano Retro and Ripe Fruit Bowl, Alvar Vintage Aqua Washbasin,
Murano Wooden Block Knife Stock (Mid Century Modern Kitchen Marvels) /
Tropi-Con FauxFrond (Club Vaindenburger Den) /
Lazy Sim Sofa Table, Plants In Glass (Luxe Lounge Spa) /
Miniature Sailboat (Miniature Sailboat) /
Sweet Masses Chromodynamic Candy Dish (Atomic Age Living and Dining) /
Oceania Orb Lantern (Tiki Outdoor Party) /
Love to Love You Love-lounge, All Mine Till The End Table,
It’s All You Vanity Desk (Glitter and Glam Bedroom) /
Double Root End Table (Ultra Lounge Bedroom Set) /
Beveled Mirror (Contemporary Comfort Bedroom) /
Dionysus Sofa,Grecian Chair (Muse Luxury) /
Faire Tale Shell Vase (Faire Folk Den) /
The Wandering Wheel,Clamtastic (Buccaneer's Bounty) /
Practical Al's Kitchen Cart (Bayside Kitchen Set) /
A-Simetry Portal,Jubillee (Collectionne Stäncké) /
Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom- See a Little Light Window Covering
(Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom Set) /
Plant Pocket (Mid-Century Modern Dining and Style Set) /
Muntin Window (Indulgent Living) /
Aromatic Décor (Romanza Ceremony + Reception) /
Mini Mountains Table Light, Polished Pebbles Mirror,
Wave Under Glass End Table (Luxury Spa Set) /
Industrial Chic Window (The Coffee Bean Hipster Loft) /
Little Trees (Contemporary Comfort Living) /
Tropical Leaves of Repose (Ultra Lounge Living Set) /
Gothic Glamour Home Office- Ataxophobia Away Bookcase
(Gothic Glamour- Living Room and Home Office Collection) /
Repurposed Jar Lights (Country Livin')
◆No CC

 モダンタイプはLucky Palms向けで2つ作ってましたが、ハウスボートではなかったので1こは作ろうかなという感じで作りました。

 デザインモチーフは氷って事にしています。後はOwl Cityというアーティストが好きなので、その辺から影響されたもの(あくまで雰囲気の話です。)をつくろうかなーと前から思ってたので、そういう感じにしてみました。前作のモダン系と基本的には同じ系統です。









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  1. 匿名8/02/2013


    Carly Rae jepsenとのコラボ曲、Good Time♪が

  2. Hello Etoile and Tanitas! Thank you so much!


  3. Hello Annin Sims Tofu. I am GoAgain (www.facebook.com/GoAgain1). Can I have maybe your email/facebook account? I want to discuss something about this awesome house. I want to feature your house in my project. If you are interested, please contact me. I will feature and of course give this link so people can easily find and download it :) Thanks a lot.

    My email: goagainsims@gmail.com


  4. Hello GoAgain, I sent my facebook FR. I saw your wall and I'm not sure what is your project. Have you featured TS3 creations on facebook? Anyway thank you so much! Please tell me about your project later.

  5. Hello Annin. I've accepted and sent a message into your Facebook :) Thanks.


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