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 ご紹介したいLotがまだまだあるのですがちょっと制作に入ってしまって記事を書くのがなかなかできない感じです。まだ夏Lot紹介終了してないのですが、Tarynさんの新作がすばらしすぎたのでSupernaturalネタにもう入ってしまいます。今作ってるのもSupernaturalネタなので私はすっかりもうSupernaturalモードです。…その後すぐSeasons来ますしねw いつものようにじっくりなご紹介は後程で今回は速報的な感じで。

Griffins' Guard by TarynTempestwind


◆Type: Residential 
◆Lot Size: 60 x 60
◆No CC


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No. 7 Seabrock Shore by Taryn

 夏Lot紹介を引き続き書きたいと思います。今回はTarynTempestwindさんのNo. 7 Seabrock Shoreをご紹介したいと思います。

No. 7 Seabrock Shore by TarynTempestwind


◆Type: Residential
◆Lot Size: 40 x 40
◆Expansion Pack: Showtime,Pets,Generations,Late Night,Ambitions,World Adventures
◆Stuff Pack: Master Suite,Town Life,Outdoor Living,High-End Loft
◆Store Objects: Woven Wicker Trunk,Woven Wicker Baskets (Island Villa) /
Super Comfy Loveseat,Windowed Reflections,Glass Birdie,
Comfy couch with Slipcover (Contemporary Comfort Living)    /
Loitering Luggage,Morris Curtain (Regal Living Bedroom Set) /
Reach for the Heavens,Dramatically Dynastic Coffee Table (Zen Again) /
Secret Sonny,Miss Mystery  (Animals Abound Playground Bed + Bath) /
Novelty Office Chair Collection (Forest Bedroom) /
Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Delicacy Server Stand
(Edwardian Expression Kitchen Set) /
Realtor's Baggage Props (Club Vaindenburger Relaxation (Den + Study)) /
Terra (Free,Earth Day) /Ceiling Torchiere (Bayside Kitchen Set)    /
Potted Bamboo Glory (Asian Fusion) /
Steampunk Kitchen- Teaquinology Enjoyulator (Steampunk Kitchen) /
Peter's Safari Mobile (Wilderness Dreaming) /
Vineyard Villa Bookcase (Vineyard Villa Furnishings) /
The Big Cheese Coat Rack (Jazz Age Living Room)    /
The Traveler's Choice Hat Box (Round Version)(Worldly Goodies) /
Moelleux Sofa with Carved Apron,
Country Carved Tableware Cabinet (Provence) /
Harvest Cornucopia Candelight (Free,Harvest Bounty) /
Coffee Tray with Book Accents,Porterman Glass Doors,
Gallery Space Track Lighting (Contemporary Comfort Bedroom)    /
Ford Focus Neon Nights (Free,Ford Focus Thrill Seeker Pack) /
Plants In Glass (Luxe Lounge Spa) /
Leaves of Tears,Shades of Heart (Full Ultra Lounge Youth Set) /
Old Town Window (Old Town: Starter Kit)    /
Mystic Mushrooms (Faire Folk Outdoors) /
Pan of Plants Sculpture (Frontier Finds Kitchen and Dining) /
Tea Time In Disguise Table Lamp (Through the Spy Glass Bathroom) /
◆No CC

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