Modern Boat House -3BR,3BA


◆Type: Residential
◆Lot Size: 29 x 13
◆Expansion Pack: Showtime,Pets,Generations,Late Night,Ambitions,World Adventures
◆Stuff Pack: Diesel,Outdoor Living,Town Life
◆Store Objects: Knick Knack Paddy Whack Coffee Table,Boxception Pendant Light,
Little Trees (Contemporary Comfort Living) /
Clay's Collection (Viva Las Vegas Living) /
Loitering Luggage (Regal Living Bedroom Set) /
Modernism Window,Forte Sofa,Forte Single Living,
A-Simetry Portal(Collectionne Stäncké) /
Seaside Carved Kind-of-a-Curio Curio,Palm Light(Island Villa) /
Tropical Table (Sun, Surf & Sand (Swim + Sleep)) /
Forever Living Plant,Window Slats,Clutter Cutter End Table (Mid-Century Fantasy) /
Oceania Orb Lantern,Land Locked Bookshelf (Tiki Outdoor Party) /
Beveled Mirror,Coffee Tray with Book Accents (Contemporary Comfort Bedroom) /
La-Di-Da Windows by BahHaus,BahHaus Archy Arch (BahHaus) /
Hydrocombo Spa (Bayside Bathroom Set) /
The Traveler's Choice Hat Box (Round Version) /
Mid-Century Modern Bedroom- Bedside Cabinet-ish End Table,
Mid-Century Modern Bedroom- Keen Klothes Keeper
 (Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Collection)  /
Crystal Elegance Floor Lamp,Plants In Glass,
Crystal Elegance Wall Lamp (Luxe Lounge Spa) /
Beauty Revealed Armoir,Mini Mountains Table Light,Wave Under Glass End Table,
Not Quite Water Wave Bed (Luxury Spa Set) /
Exclamation Point (Ultra Lounge Study Set) /
Murano Wooden Block Knife Stock (Mid Century Modern Kitchen Marvels) /
Gothic Glamour Living Room- Scopophobic's Window (Technophobe No More) /
Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom- See a Little Light Window Covering
(Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom and Bathroom Collection) /
Terra (Free,Earth Day ) /
◆No CC


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