Spanish Luxury -2BR,2BA


◆Type: Residential
◆Lot Size: 40 x 30
◆Expansion Pack: Showtime,Pets,Generations,Late Night,Ambitions,World Adventures
◆Stuff Pack: Master Suite,Town Life,Outdoor Living,Fast Lane,High-End Loft
◆Store Objects: Pedro Estate Window,Pedro Estate Door II,The Don Pedro Fireplace,
Pedro Estate Arch II,The Royales Window (Hacienda Luxury) /
Vineyard Villa Bookcase,Vineyard Vittles Shelf,Jack,
Jill and Rolling Hills (Vineyard Villa Furnishings) /
Vineyard Heirloom Chiffonier (Mediterranean Villa Kitchen/Dining) /
Knick Knack Paddy Whack Coffee Table,
Little Trees  (Contemporary Comfort Living) /
Coffee Tray with Book Accents
,Berkeley Hope Chest  (Contemporary Comfort Bedroom) /
Seaside Carved Kind-of-a-Curio Curio,Bamboozled End Table  (Island Villa) /
Moroccan Oasis Fountain (Morocco Mystique) /
Oceania Orb Lantern (Tiki Outdoor Party) /
Window Slats (Mid-Century Fantasy) / Topper,Terra (Free,Earth Day) /
◆No CC


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  1. 返信
    1. Thank you Lari. Your gift(Moroccan Oasis Fountain) fits perfectly! :D


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